Glazing Assurance
NsureGlaze® enjoy the assurance of worry free glazing
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3D Digital Field Measures
3D Laser Scanning Field Measurements of as-built structures, ensures absolute accuracy
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Photo Realistic Renderings & Animation
Photo Realistic Images & Animations can be produced using the 3D CAD Model to help visualize the finished design
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Virtual Reality Design Reviews
Design reviews can take place on-line in a Virtual World, using the latest VR Technology
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Value Added Services

Glasshape® has one of the most experienced, dedicated teams in the glass manufacturing business, and our clients trust us to deliver top-quality products and services in full, on time and within budget. We have a proven track record of completing beautiful, functional projects across the world, and are proud of how much our glass products have benefited our clients.

We don’t just provide custom glass solutions. We offer a number of other relevant products and services as well, including 3D spatial scanning, design consultation, 3D computer-aided design (CAD), testing and certification, and NsureGlaze® for peace-of-mind glazing. Our turnkey process from design to fulfillment, ensures that your project is completed with the utmost care and delivered with the highest quality.

Our digital field measure service utilizes the latest scanning and digitizing hardware to produce a digital twin of the as-built structure with unmatched accuracy, doing away with the need to produce cumbersome and time-consuming physical templates. The digital twin 3D CAD model is used as a reference to design our bespoke bent glass to, that can be reviewed and approved by the client ahead of production. This added layer of checks and balances means inaccurate measurements and human error are practically eliminated from the process.

In the event that at a later stage, a replacement piece of glass is required, we have the exact record of what was produced and can reproduce it precisely.

3D Field Measures & Design Brochure

3D Digital Measures & Design Services

Want to view & receive a copy of our 3D Digital Measures & Design Services Brochure?

3D Digital Measures & Design Services

Want to view & receive a copy of our 3D Digital Measures & Design Services Brochure, Click on the Button below...

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Our Value Added Service Offerings

3D CAD and Point Cloud Data

3D CAD Model overlaid and referencing Laser Scanned Point Cloud Data

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