Architectural Bent Glass
Premium glass products providing high-grade solutions for commercial and residential settings.
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Marine Glass
Premium marine-grade glass with superior laminating technology for the most demanding conditions.
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Storm Glass
Cyclone-rated glass solutions fit for varying extreme weather conditions.
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Security Glass
Security and safety glass products that are able to withstand attacks of all threat levels.
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Machinery Glass
High-grade heavy machinery and transportation glass solutions fit for especially rigorous conditions.
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Printed Ceramic Ink Glass
Our VisionInk® digital ceramic ink printer is the most advanced and versatile glass-printing machine available.
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Delivering Bent & Specialist Glass With Excellence

Glasshape® is one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about our glass solutions!

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Who We Are

Established in 1986, Glasshape® is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of bent, toughened (tempered) and specialty laminated glass. Family owned and based in Auckland, New Zealand, Glasshape’s philosophy of growth through innovation, ingenuity and customer service sees it deliver best-in-class glazing solutions in a variety of categories, with notable success in marine, architectural, cyclonic, high security projects. We have a Vision of delivering a premium experience in bent and specialty glass products and services to our glass, metal & fabrication customers, and our Mission through strategic investment in people, product, process, design and technology, we build sustainable relationships with all stakeholders to supply and deliver premium glass products and services.

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Industries We Serve

Glasshape® serves most industries that have a need for glass products, however we specialize in architectural glass, marine glass, security glass, storm glass & transportation and heavy machinery glass solutions. Although the particular needs and designs of these markets can differ, Glasshape seamlessly provides top-quality products to each of them.

Glasshape is committed to quality and adhering to internationally recognized standards, being ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 614-2012 (R2018) and ISO 21005:2018 certified. Our products undergo testing in accredited third-party facilities or our own IANZ accredited test facilities.

Many of our products can be fully customized and our enhanced manufacturing technologies, such as bending, laminating and printing can be combined with each other, ensuring that our glass designs are suited to your specifications. When you purchase from Glasshape, you can feel assured that you’re getting the best, most durable products from the most reliable producers in the industry.

Architectural Bent Glass

Glasshape offer a comprehensive portfolio of fully certified internal and external specialist architectural toughened (tempered), flat, bent, printed & laminated glass. For commercial or residential settings, and compatibility with security, thermal and decorative glazing, TemperShield is a versatile premium glass product, backed by a company with more than 30 years international experience.

Bent Glass
TemperShield Architectural Bent Glass
Marine Glass

Marine Glass is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of exterior marine applications, the DuraShield Marine portfolio is fully certified and is set apart from the competition by its high-performance inter-layer. The laminate technology overcomes delamination typically displayed in marine windows and windshields, while delivering exceptional strength and clarity.

Marine Glass
DuraShieldMarine - Premium Marine Glass
Ceramic Print
Digital Ceramic Glass Printing

The VisionInk digital ceramic ink glass printer is the most advanced and versatile machine available for printed glass. Combined with our glass curving capabilities it is ideal for both external and internal architectural and transportation glass applications, together with stunning Point of Sale (POS) displays.

Ceramic Print
VisionInk Ceramic Digitally Printed Glass
Security Glass

Security glass is specifically designed to provide additional safety for personnel and protect critical areas in buildings, safe houses, detention centres, prisons and marine vessels. Even when broken, the tough inner-core of poly-composite will lock the exterior glass layers to enable greater attack resistance. Ideal for doors and windows that maintain the appearance of normal glass.

Security Glass
ArmourShield Security Glass
Cyclone Rated Glass

StormShield uses specially formulated ultra-high grade laminate in the manufacturing process, engineered so the glass can expand and contract up to five times its normal rate before breaking providing protection from wind born debris. The proprietary process allows us to manufacture glass that has better performance ratings from lighter, thinner compositions versus our competitors.

Cyclonic Glass
StormShield Cyclone Rated Glass
Heavy Machinery Glass

Glasshape remain at the forefront of innovating glass solutions for transportation, with particular emphasis on rail and heavy machinery where the demands on the glass are especially rigorous. Combining strength with clarity and our signature curving capabilities produces transport glazing solutions that have the safety and comfort of both operators and passengers at their core.

Machinery Glass
RailShield Heavy Machinery Glass
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Services We Provide

Glasshape® has one of the most experienced, dedicated teams in the glass manufacturing business, and our clients trust us to deliver top-quality products and services in full, on time and within budget. We have a proven track record of completing beautiful, functional projects across the world, and are proud of how much our glass products have benefited our clients.

We don’t just provide custom glass solutions. We offer a number of other relevant products and services as well, including 3D spatial scanning, design consultation, 3D computer-aided design (CAD), testing and certification, and NsureGlaze® for peace-of-mind glazing. Our turnkey process from design to fulfillment, ensures that your project is completed with the utmost care and delivered with the highest quality.

3D Virtual Reality - Design Reviews

Communicating and understanding design intent is critical when producing products that need to deliver on, or above customer expectations. To ensure this happens, Glasshape engages with its customers throughout the design process, resolving any potential issues before a single piece of Glass is manufactured.

Design reviews can take place on-line in a Virtual World, using the latest VR Technology, where our CAD Technicians walk customers through their projects in real time.

Image Slide 1
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality John
Image Slide 2
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
CAD Design and Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality John

Customer Testimonials

Our goal is to deliver excellence in everything we do and our Customers are our best indicator of this. Their feedback is invaluable and provides a measure to ensure we are delivering on our promise. So don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say.

SW Adventist University 01
Slide 1
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"Glasshape was a great partner to work with on this project. Their product and service is outstanding!"
T. Rosenbury
Colorado State Uni 01
Slide 2
Image is not available
"We contracted Glasshape to laser scan this project, and subsequently provide the glass. The project ended up being extremely successful for all parties involved."
C. Ogren
UTS Central University 01
Slide 3
Image is not available
"Glasshape provided us with a bent glass experience that was professional and on time, delivering quality glass panels to our specifications and sizing, with minimal, if any remakes."
C. Wilson
Slide 4
Image is not available
"The assistance received by Glasshape was exceptional. The quality of their product along with communication and production time, makes for a smooth worry free experience."
M. Millard
Alford Homes 01
Slide 5
Image is not available
"Glasshape measured once, delivered once and it all fit perfectly! The quality of their product was amazing and on time!"
G. Alford
Waterline Square 01
Slide 6
Image is not available
"Glasshape was a wonderful partner in the realization of the glass portion of the project. They scanned the shoe and modeled the glass to fit. The accuracy and quality were impeccable. The edge quality was excellent!"
J. Jaroff
Memorial Herman 01
Slide 7
Image is not available
"Berger Iron Works, Inc. has been using Glasshape for years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Their team always quickly responds with pricing, lead times, and status. The quality of the product is second class to no one."
S. Neil
Slide 8
Image is not available
"Working with Derek Spoel was an excellent experience from bid to buildout and every step in between. This was our first experience with Glasshape, and although we were hesitant to work with a glass supplier in New Zealand, the pricing was competitive, and their work seemed to be high quality, so we took a leap of faith and are so glad we did."
Carol Granados Bradford
The Esplanade
Slide 8
Image is not available
"From the moment we first looked at the drawings on this project we knew it was special and it required a glass supplier capable of supplying high quality curved glass. he quality of the glass was excellent as was the packaging that it arrived in. I would highly recommend Glasshape for any curved glass projects and would not hesitate to use them again."
Nathan McGeachie
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